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The case for Pluto!


The case for Pluto

This scientific play features three professional actors, namely the Sun, Mercury and Neptune. The three celestial bodies argues as to the faith of Pluto: should the 2006 decision of the International Astronomical Union to exclude Pluto from the circle of planets be maintained or should the ex-planet be reunited with the other planets?  A humorous debate where math and science are at the forefront is engaged!

The Story line

Since its discovery in 1930 and up until 2006, Pluto was part of the very privileged circle of our solar system’s planets. It was considered as the ninth planet, orbiting the Sun along with the four rocky planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, and the four gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto was at that time the most distant planet from the Sun while its highly elliptical orbit causes its distance from the Sun to vary between four and seven billion kilometers. However, in August 2006, The International Astronomical Union (IAU), having observed that various other bodies in our solar system were roughly the same size as Pluto, in fact  even larger and more massive such as the asteroid Eris,  decided, after a very close vote, to remove Pluto's title of ''planet'' and instead to give it the status of "dwarf planet". This was a very small consolation for Pluto that was then gaining the status of less famous bodies like Ceres (an asteroid in orbit between Mars and Jupiter) and 70, 000 other objects.  


Pluto is sad, very sad. Indeed, it is really hard for Pluto to accept the ruthless decision of the IAU. This is why it decides to appeal that decision. Will it be able to count on the support of the four rocky planets? Will it succeed in countering the ferocious arguments of the four gas planets which definitely don't want a small icy planet to give back the majority to the rocky planets?

A play in which learning and laughing go hand in hand!!!

Audience:  Secondary 1- 5


Duration: 45 minutes


Cost: A donation of $ 1,100 (additional costs may apply for events outside the Quebec City area: mileage from Quebec, accommodation if necessary and per diem / meals for the team)


SMAC team: 3 actors et one technician


Material required: See data sheet (pdf- temporarily in French only)


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