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Pluto...has disappeared!


Pluto... has disappeared!



This is the second scientific play. It was created by the SMAC team. Our three professional comedians are back to play the roles of the Sun, Mercury and Neptune.


Pluto is definitely excluded from the circle of the planets! Everything seems back to normal within the solar system, everyone thinks it is history until we realize that Pluto seems to have disappeared. Has it joined a nearby star? Has it become one of the billion orphan planets wandering in the Milky Way? How could it possibly have disappeared without leaving any trace?

Unwillingly, our three heroes - the Sun, Mercury and Neptune - are forced to work together to try to solve the mystery and find the dwarf planet. 



Audience:  Secondary 1- 5


Duration: 45 minutes


Cost:  A donation of $ 1,100 (additional costs may apply for events outside the Quebec City area: mileage from Quebec, accommodation if necessary and per diem / meals for the team)

SMAC team: 3 actors et one technician


Material required: See data sheet (pdf- temporarily in French only)


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Note: It is not necessary to have seen the play The Case for Pluto to appreciate the play Pluto... has disappeared!


Credit: Mitacs, Université Laval





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