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What is SMAC?



The Sciences and Mathematics in Action (SMAC) project is directed by Professor Jean-Marie De Koninck and supported by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of Université Laval.


Founded in 2005, SMAC is born from the desire to stop the declining interest of young people for science in general. SMAC's mission is therefore to get children and adults alike to reconnect with math and science. We want them to realize that math and science can be fun. Our niche is learning while playing. 


The shortage of students in science and technology is grappling with Quebec society, the decline of the vocations for scientific careers and the issue of developping new generations of scientists contrasts with the universality of mathematics. Evidence collected during several representations of Show Math through the Quebec province schools have made it ??clear; if we want to encourage the general public and young people to be interested in science, we have to join them in their daily lives.


Indeed, we believe it is essential to educate young people about math and science as quickly as possible, starting in kindergarten and even before. Children have a natural interest in mathematics as they enable them to discover their environment and understand it better.


The lack of interest for school can be felt at a very young age. Young people should love what they learn in their school and should always be encouraged to persevere.

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