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SMAC's Team


The SMAC project relies upon a team of dedicated and exceptional collaborators made up of passionate professors and students hailing from various fields. Brief biographies of the main members of the SMAC team are presented below.


Jean-Marie De Koninck

SMAC's founder and Show Math host

Jean-Marie De Koninck has been a researcher and professor of mathematics at Université Laval for nearly forty years and is well known to the scientific community for his work in analytic number theory. He is the author of 14 books and 102 papers in scientific journals. Professor De Koninck has also hosted his own science outreach television show "C'est mathématique!", broadcasted on the French-Canadian channel, Canal Z and later on TFO (Télévision française de l'Ontario). In 2004, he created the program SMAC (Sciences and Mathematics in Action), whose purpose is to excite kids about science and mathematics. He is well known by the general public as the founder of Operation Red Nose, a road safety operation involving over 55,000 volunteers from across Canada and as the president of the Table québécoise de la sécurité routière. Many have also seen him comment swimming events on national television.

Andrée-Anne Paquet

Coordinator and Communication assistant

Andrée-Anne has a B.A. in international business administration, she has been the SMAC team's coordinator since 2008. She is in charge of the main projects: MathAmaze, the creation of the educational kit for high schools, the realization of Show Math 2 and a lot more. Since 2009, she has worked in collaboration with Frédéric Gourdeau for the Association Québécoise des Jeux Mathématiques.

Andrée-Anne loves challenges, and she has the ability to juggle more than one project at the same time. This is what drives her and takes her forward!

Christian Dompierre

Chief programmer, MathAmaze

Entrepreneur since its early beginnings, Christian has a bachelor degree in mathematics and a master's in electrical engineering. When Jean-Marie De Koninck came up with the idea of a video game which goal was to demystify, arouse and reinforce the interest of young people for mathematics, he was interested right away. Indeed, Christian is part of the SMAC project since its earliest days. He, with three other members, have developed MathAmaze from scratch. 

Since then, he has consistently been actively involved in its development. Christian is also the new director of development for MathAmaze and has been working full time on the project since the summer of 2008.  

Frédéric Gourdeau

Show Math host

Passionate for mathematics and teaching, Frédéric Gourdeau founded the Association Québécoise des Jeux Mathématiques and has given several mathematics popularization talks. His interests are not limited to mathematics; Professor Gourdeau has worked in international cooperation, has been active on a community radio show, and is also a soccer coach!

The quality of his teaching is attested at Université Laval and beyond. Frédéric Gourdeau has been rewarded with the "Star Professor" award of the Faculty of Science and Engineering every year since its creation, was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Prize from Université Laval in 2005, the Excellence in Teaching Prize from the Canadian Mathematical Society in 2005, and the prestigious 3M Excellence in Teaching Prize in 2006.

Jean-Lou De Carufel

Show Math host

Jean-Lou De Carufel has a master's in mathematics and a doctorate in computer science from Université Laval. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher working with Carleton University. His research focuses on algorithimic geometry. 

In recent years, he is been teaching mathematics, computer science and mathematical didactics at Université Laval, Université of Québec in Outaouais and at Ottawa University. In parallel with its scientific and teaching activities, he is also a guitar player and an arranger. He works with many emergent songwriter singers.


Kim Blouin 

Creation of the primary education section of MathAmaze

Kim will soon be a primary education teacher, she is a calm and positive minded person. She is passionate about child development. Her vision of teaching: learning, respect, joy and fun. She has been redacting MathAmaze questions for primary students since fall of 2008. Besides education, Kim is thrilled by photography and loves to go bicycle touring. Moreover, the environmental issue is a real concern for her.

Simon B. Lavallée

Creation of mathematical workshops for elementary schools

Éric Roy 

Supervisor of the primary education section of MathAmaze

Teacher at Fernand-Seguin primary school , Eric supervises the creation of MathAmaze questions for primary schools.  He is really comfortable with new technology, open to new methods of teaching, and he loves mathematics!

Lilian Oloreri 

Programmer, MathAmaze

Highly passionate about programming and computer technologies, Lilian has been in the field for 15 years already. He joined the MathAmaze programming team in December 2008.

Jean-Marie Alexandre 

 Show Math Actor

Mireille Camier 

Show Math Actor

In addition to having a B.A. in dramaturgy and staging from Université Laval, Mireille followed many actors, trainings at UNICEN in Argentina, at the LeTHAL of Toronto, and at the Contre-Courant Theater in Quebec City. She played with the Loco Motiv Theater and in the "Concert dans un oeuf" from Fernando Arrabal (Recto-Verso Productions in 2008), then in Cabaret Neige Noire, presented in Chile and in Argentina, as well as in the "Épopée de Gilgamesh" from Michel Garneau, presented at the Périscope Theater.

Mireille is also an author and creation interpreter. She did the "Conte de la soif" and the teenagers theater play "Accommodation Double". She is the founder of the AMAC Theater and is currently pursuing her acting training at the UQAM School of Theater.

Sebastien Dorval

Show Math Actor

Tina Paquet

Show Math Actor

Mélissa Lapierre

Pluton va en appel! actor

Julie-Anne Leblanc 

Show Math Actor

Driven by a passion for theater, Julie-Anne has dedicated herself to this art for nearly ten years. During her bachelor degree in theater studies at Université Laval, she studied drama for a year in Argentina. Then, she pursued a master's in creation during which she conducted her research in Senegal.

Actor and creator, she evolves with ease in the worlds of theater, street theater and intervention theater. Her job took her to play in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Switzerland. She also works in hospitals with Dr. Clown.

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